Summer is almost over…

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to throw open the windows and do a thorough cleaning.

Summer means that the air conditioner is running and the opportunity to air out the house is slim to none.

At least, in the south it does.

But fall is the most glorious and wonderful time that we all great with renewed vigor! As the temperature drops, we all seem to have energy to get cleaning, the sluggish mind goes away and we start to look at the yard with interest, and OUR cleaning season starts!

The kids are back in school and it’s time to get serious! We all start thinking about schedules, business, hobbies, and finances. We start to budget again (some of us actually still follow a budget over the summer!) but we start to ‘get serious’ so to speak.

Summer is gone, and with it our carefree, don’t care, whatever happens; happens attitude. It’s bittersweet, but we all start shopping for new planners and get excited that we are actually going to ‘get things done’.



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