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The House + Home

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The truth is, an organized home is a happy and healthier home. The key to healthier living? Making sure that the house is clean and well put together.

A home that is organized means less time spent on hunting down the scissors, the car keys or the permission slips that never made it into the backpacks. A home that is organized and well-kept takes less time to clean!

A home that takes less time to clean means more TIME for you, your family, and their health and well-being!

Cleaner + Greener

Clean and care for your home and family by using products that have a higher concentration and MORE natural ingredients than your average grocery store shelf cleaner. Most of us can’t afford the time to make our own home-made cleaner (nothing is more natural or safer than using something 100% home made) but the closer you get, the better off your health, home, and family!

Not only will the house feel and smell better, it’ll be JUST as clean as those harsh chemical cleaners you USED to buy, and your home might last a little longer! Not to mention, those harsh chemicals are hard on families who have skin irritations, breathing irritations, and bad allergies.

The Skin + Body

Why stop at what goes on the counters and floors? Itchy dry skin? Trying to get mildew, bacteria, sweat, and more out of the clothing, sheets, and laundry? There is actually very little on the market that can eliminate that. The washer can’t…the only thing that can eliminate bacteria from your laundry is UV Light, but who has time to line dry?

Essential oils in the laundry however can help combat some of that nasty bacteria and essentials oils are natural and better for your skin, too! Consider things like tea tree oil, lavender oil, cedar wood oil…or if that is too expensive, a product like Solumel that already has essential oils in it!

Emotional + Mental Wellbeing

and the baggage that it comes with

We all know that we have to ‘clear the clutter’ around the house. Why? Because if we didn’t, things would pile up and get in our way. We would trip over the garbage. Dirt, dust, and more would grow into obnoxious piles. We would feel frustrated that we couldn’t relax in peace. We would get anxious when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, or we would give up on the search if it took to long to find or get to what we were trying to do.

And we would eventually run out of space.

So why do we not cut our brains the same courtesy of ‘tidying up’? Our minds deserve the same. 

No more excuses! You HAVE the time, and it doesn’t take a lot of money!

You need to take an active role in self-awareness. It’s not difficult to be healthy. But it is hard to stay motivated to make the right choices. Health and well-being  is an attitude. And many think it’s about “go big or go home” but that type of attitude really doesn’t motivate us. You need to make small changes and goals that are easy to hit that re-motivate you. For example, losing 5 pounds is something to strive for. You can be creative in how you lose 5 pounds. Give yourself a deadline. Losing 50 just feels impossible.

We partner with the largest online wellness shopping club, and we can help you partner with them too!

Mental and emotional well being is also about working smarter and not harder. Many of us struggle to take care of the things we wish we didn’t have to think about like bills, debt, and don’t have a lot of money to pay for ‘leisure’ and time off.

Many of us wish we could have the ‘better life’ but it seems impossible. If you’re interested in building a business around wellness (that is NOT an MLM business!) that you are in the right place!

The products are high-quality, everyday used products that you don’t have sell, don’t have to carry inventory, don’t have to complete billing, collections, or make deliveries, all you have to do is love the products!

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