Define Your Daily Priorities

Instead of thinking about priorities as a long term project, try arranging your day according to priorities and determining how to plan your daily schedule.

If you are struggling with time management, determining your day by what’s the most important and the least important can be less overwhelming than thinking about it as a compilation of things to do over the month or season, or even by project.

For example: if your priority on Sunday is to make sure the house is clean, meals are planned, the shopping is done and there is time left over for leisure, on Saturday night make a priority list. The first priority is to make sure the house is clean, the second is to make sure the shopping is done, then to make room for leisure time. That means you should get up and clean the house and give yourself a few hours to make sure it’s done right. Then you should go to the grocery store and put all the groceries away, keeping in mind that you just cleaned so things need to go away right away and in their right places. Now, you have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy leisure time for yourself or perhaps with your family.

Before bed, make time to plan meals for the day, now that you have fresh in your mind what you bought at the grocery store.

By thinking about your day to day strategies, for some it is more productive and far easier to control a short list of tasks rather than a long one.

Original from Keep It Simple


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