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“An active lifestyle means lots of sweaty smelly clothes. I always felt like my exercise wear was never really clean. Switching to MelaPower has solved that problem for me. My clothes no longer have a lingering sweaty scent. They come out of the washer smelling fresh and clean. At the gym I’m a walking advertisement for Melaleuca. My treadmill buddy is now a customer!
Diamond Brite has solved my problem of water spots on all of my glassware. No other detergent has performed as well as these little tabs.
White kitchen cabinets are beautiful until they no longer appear white but seem to have a yellow tint to them. I love to cook and no matter how much I wiped down my cabinets over the years they appear to be a magnet for grease and grime. I have tried multitudes of cleaners and many hours of elbow grease trying to completely remove this dirt and tackiness without ruining my cabinets. Sol-u-mel has proven to be my “go to” cleaner. The grease and grimes wipes off with just a couple of swipes and my finish is still glossy.
Thank you Melaleuca for these great products. And too top it off they are safe for me, my family and the environment. A “win-win” for everyone!

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