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Do you know the difference between a WANT or a NEED?

Defining the difference is very important. You shouldn’t bring anything home you don’t ‘NEED’.

For example, you say you need a new pair of shoes. Why? Are you barefoot? Is it snowing and you only own flip flops? Oh my goodness, your feet are getting tore up because you have no shoes!

The answer is you don’t NEED a pair of shoes.

You want a pair. You would like a pair that does a ‘better job’ at perhaps keeping your feet warmer, making your back hurt less, or being more appropriate for a certain situation.

This isn’t to stop you from buying things, but it is to keep yourself in check. Next time someone says ‘I need’, really ask yourself out loud and anyone else to clarify their word usage. This isn’t to be a nag, but it really is to put perspective. Don’t just buy things because they are a ‘deal’.


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