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Living Well Never Felt Better

We offer a wide range of options for those wanting to get healthy!

We all hear the statistics, read the articles, troll the blogs, and we look for key words like greener, safer, organic…you get the picture! But what have you REALLY done to make your life, home, health, and family on a better track of better health?

Focusing on health is a variety of things: better financial health means less stress. Better mental health means a happier and healthier family and relationships. Better bodies and physical health means looking better, feeling better, and leaving our loved ones in a more secure position without having to wonder about the burden of ‘taking care’ of loved ones.

What type of life do you want to lead?

What if living a better, healthier, and ‘cleaner’ lifestyle meant doing more of what you loved and looking and feeling great at the same time?

Do more of what you love and feel great

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How it works

WHY would you create your healthy living care box with us?

We all WANT and KNOW we need to get healthy and be healthier. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start! Which vitamins to take, are the vitamins quality and worth the money we spend, not to mention having to run to the store if you are running low, forget, the store is out of your favorite; the list goes on! If you are serious about getting healthy, our club is a one-stop-shop for health and green products to help ‘get you started’ on the path to wellness!

Set up a recurring order or custom each box out every month

Easy, fast, and products that are quality.

Earn ‘bonus’ points, like ‘in house’ cash, or refer enough friends and you can earn your box for free!


“My current fave Melaleuca products are Tough and Tender and GC Control Vanilla and Chocolate.
If I had to choose only one Melaleuca cleaning product, it would be the Tough and Tender all-purpose cleaner. I use it on pretty much everything. It works great on my granite, tile floors, walls, doors, stove top, stainless steel sink, jewelry, and I even clean the bird poop off of my car with it. I love that it’s chemical free and it smells amazing. I will never go back to store bought cleaners. As for the healthy items, I love the GC Control shake mix. I add a small amount to my morning coffee in place of creamer. Occasionally, I also use it as a meal replacement shake after work outs. It tastes delicious, and it fills me up. My favorite flavors are the vanilla and chocolate.”

I was amazed at how clean & shiny my old tub became after spraying this on.
Even before I scrubbed the soap scum was melting off the surface!
And it’s a healthy replacement to those products that require gloves, mask & ventilation as precaution to use!
The foaming hand soap you gave me to try not only smelled terrific but my wedding ring sparkled! A co-worker pointed it out and asked if I was using a different soap!

Faith Parnes Wozniak

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